St Francis Secondary School is located in Lower Subukia in the Rift Valley, some 17km from the nearest town that is accessed by some truly treacherous roads. St Francis has been developing over the last 5 years, with new classrooms and student boarding facilities and has the potential to be a fantastic school. However, a reliable and safe water supply for the children to be using is particularly precious as all pupils are boarding at the school 24/7.

As it stands currently the 250 pupils rely on a seasonal borehole that is in poor repair and provides only low quality water. With a 100,000litre water tank, FAB will be able to provide water supply to all areas of the school including the kitchen, dinner hall, science labs and to the showers and laundry facilities in the boarding blocks. As well as this St Francis plan to develop an agricultural program later in the year. Water is needed to facilitate this program and free up cash before building a large greenhouse able to sustain the students' daily food requirements. With such initiatives a reliable water supply is essential to be able to irrigate the crops whilst maintaining the other daily requirements of the school.

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