Nariobi Road has to be one of the most attractive schools we have ever seen due to its location, sharing a fence with the Lake Nakuru Safari Park. The school began in 2009 to cater for the increasing number of children leaving the neighboring primary school and wishing to further their education at secondary school level. The school is situated in Pipeline an area 15 minutes outside of Nakuru town. Today, the school has to reach 310 pupils and 14 full time teachers. With little support from the council, it was the determination of the headmaster, parents and members of the local community that lead to the growth of the school and the construction of 7 of the 9 existing classrooms. This achievement can not be over looked as the majority of people in this area are victims of the post election violence that displaced so many from their homes in 2007 and left over 600,000 people in this region with nothing.


The provision of water for this school is seen as a priority for four key reasons.  Firstly, water will be used to support the school lunch program benefiting those children from poorer families who rely on this one daily meal. The second reason for constructing a water tank is to aid with drought prevention allowing the school to store 100,000litres of water, enough to provide for over 100 days in a school of this size. The next benefit provided would be to ease the financial strain caused by the need to purchase 12,000ksh (Kenyan Shillings) of water every month for thirst, agriculture and sanitation. Finally, water will allow the school to plant trees to improve the harsh microclimate present at the school. High winds, able to rip the roof from a classroom, and intense summer heat make the schools learning environment unpleasant. To resolve this problem the school wished to plant 3000 cypress trees, however after planting only 500 realized they could not afford the water required to nurture them. When combined these reasons explain why this school needs water and to them like many, other Kenyans, “water is life”. Please consider these reasons and help us to assist this school allowing them to achieve so much more in their future.


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