Join us in 2013 to celebrate all FAB has achieved by Climbing Mt Kenya on our 1st Annual Fundraiser. The climb is part of a 10day tour of Kenya and we want you to join us and raise sponsorship for FAB Projects. Starting in Nairobi you will travel to the stunning Lake Nakuru Safari Park and spend a couple of nights soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of the town. The next morning you will travel out to some of the FAB Projects schools and see our work first hand. In the afternoon we have arranged for you to visit the school where the money raised from this event will be used. Spend the day teaching and playing with the children your efforts have helped. After this introduction to Kenya we will travel across to Mt Kenya where we begin the climb. This is a fantastic opportunity as through our local knowedge we can offer this trip at a Kenyan rate, similar trips were found to cost 2-4k USD when booked from overseas.

If you would like to join us for only one part of the tour or would be interested in joining the climb but not the other activites get in touch with the for more options.


Use the buttons below to download the pre-departure pack for more information about the climb. You can confirm your place using the form attached to the pre-departure pack. You can also sponsor the climb directly by clicking the link below. If you represent a business and would like to sponsor the climb get in touch with our team for other donation options.



Timmy Bloom has been an animal lover his entire life and, as a safari guide, has even focused his professional life around his passion. For years now Timmy has been living without the use of his legs but his determination and spirit have driven him to succeed in everything he does. After successfully climbing Mt Loganot Timmy is now ready to take on Mt Kenya to raise funds for Tsavo East Wildlife Conservation and to continue to empower and uplift people living with disabilities all over East Africa.

In a special deal with FAB Projects, Timmy has made a limited number of places available to tour Kenya with his Safari business and join in on the climb. The cost of this trip will be paid to Timmy and support his business and his fundraising whilst any extra money you raise will be used by FAB Projects to construct a one off Mt Kenya inspired water tank.

We don’t want to stop at just one water tank and our fundraising target is a whopping £8k, enough to build two 100,000litre water tanks. The first tank will be built at Lake View Primary School in Nakuru, and if you join us on this trip you'll have a chance to meet the people at this school. You can read more about Lake View and see a selection of pictures on the school's section of our website by clicking here...


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