Milimani Secondary School, Naivasha, is under more pressure from the local community than many of the other schools we have visited in Kenya. This school has grown in the last year by 80 pupils to reach 280 in total. The rapid growth in size is due to the increasing number of pupils graduating from the neighboring primary school that has over 2,000 pupils. Apollo, the headmaster of the school predicts that the rise in number of pupils taking up secondary education will increase the school's size to 800 pupils in the next 5 years. Once this happens the school will have three classes of pupils in each of the four years of study. With plans to treble the number of classrooms and develop a larger agricultural project this school could use a source of water now more than ever. The estimated cost of water over the next 4 years is around 1millionksh. This water will be used for agricultural projects, construction work and additional 120,000ksh will be needed in 4 years time for school lunches, for a larger student body.

The plan is to construct a 100,000litre water tank at this school to protect the school against drought and let them continue progressing on building work throughout the dry season. The large area of rooftops will allow over 600,000litres of water to be harvested each year. This will allow the school to save a lot of money and progress with important modifications to the school in preparation for its rapid growth.


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