Lake View Primary School, Nakuru is situated in what is arguably the town's poorest residential area. Commonly families who live in the Kivu estate share a one room home between two adults and three to five children. In 1997 Lake View Primary School opened to help suppport only other primary school in the area, Kimathi Primary School, with an excessively large number of pupils. In its first year the school absorbed 300 pupils from Kimathi Primary School and was staffed with 10 full time teachers and had 8 classrooms. Since 1997 the government (CDF) has constructed 2 classrooms at the school, and the municipal council a further 3 classrooms, the others were constructed by funds raised by the local community.

The school is close to the third largest city-slum in Kenya; only those in Nairobi and Mombasa are larger. Currently the school has 551 pupils and a further 149 in the adjoining kindergarten. With a large area for agriculture and such a large student body this school is in urgent need of a reliable source of water. Currently the school spends 14,000ksh (Kenyan Shillings) each month to meet its demand and ahs no permanent or temporary water tanks. Releasing these funds will allow the school to make improvements to the 6 timber classrooms that have been in place since 1997 that are in urgent need of repair. Furthermore water provided to the school will be used to improve the level of hygiene, as classrooms and toilets can be cleaned regularly and there will be water available for children to wash their hands before meals, and after using the bathroom.  With such a large and growing community to support the construction of a 100,000litre water tank will be of immense benefit to this school.


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