Karunga is a small village in the Rift Valley, Kenya. In 2010 FAB Projects teamed up with the Mad Foundation to build a 50,000litre water tank at Karunga Primary School. This is a large school with 800 pupils and a large number of staff. Prior to this project the school had no permanent water tank, only a small open air well (shown in the pictures below). The 50,000litre tank was connected to rooftops to catch rainwater for use and store it in preparation for drought. In total the area of roof space should collect 600,000litres of water annually. Once combined with a 100,000litre water tank provided by Kariandusi, another charity working in this area, the school will have enough water to meet its needs.

Since 2009 the water tanks have been put to good use. The school has started a weekly cleaning scheme to wash all the classrooms and toilets, and children can now wash their hands after using the toilet, as toilet paper is rarely available! The school has also improved its land by planting 200 cypress trees and using the water to convert the rocky playground in to a grass covered area for pupils to sit and read, sheltered from the heat of the mid-day sun.

With the money the school has saved, now that they don't have to purchase water, they have expanded their library collection and managed to take on more pupils in their Kindergarten (recently rebuilt by Gennarosity Abroad). According to Sammy, the headmaster, the school is now well respected within the community and average grades have increased over the past two years thanks to the improvements that have been made.


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