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FAB Projects works in the Rift Valley, Kenya. In recent years the effects of climate change have resulted in frequent periods of severe drought, leaving many living in desperate conditions. The shortage of food and water is worsened by the displacement of an estimated 600,000 people during a period of political instability. Kenya has high levels of internal migration and frequently recieves migrants from surrounding countries who are fleeing from natural disaster or conflict. These factors have resulted in rapidly growing communities of migrants and internally displaced people that have little support and few opportunities.

During the drought of 2009/10 a group of volunteers working on a schools project in the Rift Valley witnessed one of Kenya's worst drought's. FAB's goal is to help prepare people for drought by supplying schools with a source of clean water. We choose to work through schools as it ensures that the water tank we construct is owned by the community. Constructing water tanks in schools offers a range of benefits beyond the provision of drinking water in times of drought. Water tanks also help tackle the lack of adequate sanitation, which is still the biggest killer in Africa claiming the lives of over 400,000 children each year. Even when at school children don't usually have access to water. In a ten hour day most pupils can't wash their hands after using the toilet and this helps transfer disease from pupil to pupil. Secondary schools in Kenya provide lunch time meals to encourage more pupils to attend further education, as many of the children have a two hour walk to school. However, without their own source of clean water schools spend up to 40% of their annual budget on water for drinking, cooking and cleaning leaving little money to spend on other essentials such as food, teaching staff, books, classroom improvements etc.

Inadequate provision of water lies at the heart of many of Africa's problems. Through the application of simple solutions that are both effective and sustainable, rural communitites are supported as they build their way towards a better quality of life. We believe in equality, and the possibility of generating sustainable growth for thousands of Africans living in poverty. If you would like to help support disadvantaged schools and give communities the opportunity to improve their quality of life donate now or contact the team@fabprojects.co.uk about ways you could help.