Giutamba Secondary School is only 5 or 6 kilometers outside of Naivasha town centre and serves the rural population to the south east of the town. Situated in a particularly dry area with a lower than average annual rainfall the school were in desperate need of a reliable source of clean water. The school itself has basic facilities but the work of 'Amiran' and the 'Kenyan Red Cross' has developed an ambitious agricultural scheme allowing the school to grow its own food and in some cases make profit by selling vegetables. However, prior to development of the agricultural scheme this school was spending between 200,000 - 250,000ksh on water each year, and with the addition of a large area of irrigated land to upkeep the school would have had to spend even more money, which it simply did not have, on water. Thanks to the work of FAB Projects in 2012, this school now has enough water to support their day-to-day needs as well as their ambitious agricultural project.

The construction of a 70,000litre water tank at this school has provided 4 main benefits.

  1. The ability to harvest enough rainwater from the rooftops of the classrooms to meet the school’s total need in relation to sanitation, lunch provision, thirst and agriculture (and the financial savings made to the school).
  2. The ability to store a sufficient amount of water to meet the school’s needs throughout a period of drought.
  3. The ability to cultivate a larger area of land for agricultural purposes.
  4. An improved school environment.


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