Do you want to build, teach, play sports and become a part of a real Kenyan community? Between the 3rd and the 23rd of August you can join FAB in Nakuru, Kenya, to work on one our projects. Nairobi Road Secondary School is situated just outside of Nakuru and needs a 100,000litre water tank. The project will last for a total of three weeks but you can join us for 1 or 2 of those weeks if you like. The costs are shown below and include your accommodation, meals, transport (excluding flights & excursions), and the project itself. The donation charge will be used to supply the materials for the project you will be working on giving you the unique opportunity to see exactly where your cash has gone and who has benefited! To reserve a place on the project contact the team@fabprojects.co.uk. Places are limited so if you want to guarantee your spot it's best to book fast!


Use the links below to view Nairobi Road's own webpage or to download the project pre-departure pack. This pack contains all the information you need about your experience on one of our projects. If you need more information please get in touch with the FAB team. Use the pre-departure pack to inform us of your important details and confrim your place on the project. We look forward to seeing you!




This summer FAB is hosting it's first Annual Fundraiser and you can join us as we climb Mt Kenya. The trip begins on the 24th August in Nairobi and after sightseeing, safaris and the climb itself, finishes in Nairobi on the 4th September. Joining us on the climb is The Amazing Rasta Timmy. Timmy is our tour guide and is climbing Mt Kenya to become the first disabled man to reach its summit. He is climbing to raise money for Tsavo East Wildlife Conservation and to raise awareness of disabilities in Kenya. Click the image below to view the climb's dedicated page and find out more.




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