Welcome, We are FAB Projects.



FAB Projects is a charity providing clean water to schools across Kenya. The time between droughts has been reducing over the past few years leaving many living in extremely difficult conditions. Rainwater tanks provide a sustainable way to collect and store clean water giving schools a water supply that can last months if need be. Our projects focus around simple, sustainable and effective solutions to the problems faced by ordinary Kenyans. Our projects help schools to help themselves by giving them the ability to harvest and store rainwater in preparation for drought. Water really is life, and through its provision there are multiple benefits to the school that tackle problems with sanitation, health, thirst, hunger and financial poverty. It's our goal to use well-designed solutions that have a high impact and long-lasting effects on the local community. If you want to know more about us, who we are helping, what we are achieving and how you can get involved, visit our about page.